About Maine Open Online

This site is supported and maintained by First Pier in an effort to help keep small retail shops in Maine alive during the COVID-19 crisis!

While big online retailers such as Amazon and Walmart have seen an uptick in sales, small retailers and ecommerce businesses, especially here in Maine, have been hit hard. And while many other industries have had calls to action to support their employees, owners, and community, the small Maine retail and ecommerce market needs the same help. Please consider buying from these merchants who are facing huge losses and a daunting future. Give them extra care and patience as it is likely one person packing and shipping your product.

If you are a small Maine retailer or online business, please add yourself to our list. And if you need help getting your shop online, please reach out to us at

Help spread the word and keep small Maine commerce on the map. Share
@maineopenonline far and wide with the tag #MaineOpenOnline — the only way through this is together.

With thanks to Matt Varughese and Co for leading the way in this initiative to support local businesses across the country.

Maine Open Online is a proud partner of
Pay It Forward Maine.